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The phrase Urban Village CHIC springs to mind in putting words to screen. Where to start? So you have learnt that we are an 800 year old traveller’s inn where scenes are depicted in an oil painting in our dining room – scenes of a bygone era – horses and carts and tradespeople going about their daily lives centuries ago in what can be best described as a very ‘relaxed pace’!! Not a mobile or tablet in view. Possibly a better standard of living too, but that is of course debatable.
To a more recent time the famed formula 1 racing driver Duncan Hamilton stayed at the hotel in the 1950’s and was a regular guest at our bar. There is a hand signed black and white photograph taken at Goodwood in the late 1950’s behind the reception desk. A snapshot of a more modern time wrapped in a time warp when bravery and risk where the leather gloves wrapped around the steering wheel determining your fate on the track, and adrenalin was the bodies fuel. Legislation was an undercover word for risk taking.
So 800 years on to today The Jersey Arms nestles amongst a different culture, but holds her head up high amongst the very best.
Catering to the needs of walkers and cyclist – and dog lovers too – she is going to be given some much needed attention to her rooms and bathrooms, and all public spaces. Not just a lick of paint, but some serious loving and attention so that The Jersey Arms can and will once again be recognised as a gem in the village of Middleton Stoney.
Frankly none of us can wait – especially the ‘STAR’ herself